Custom Framing


We care about your artwork and  will recommend what is the very best for it, which means using products that will protect your piece over time NOT damage it. That being said, you get to choose what your art work needs. Time after time we have seen clients artwork that has been severely damaged by its previous framing environment.   You can check out our gallery of pictures and webinars to see why! Please feel free to visit us with your special treasures and we will be happy to work with you in creating a one of a kind design that you will love, and will fit your budget.

There are Alternatives:

We have a special selection of reclaimed, recycled plastic mouldings, together with regular glass and cardboard backing which can offer a more inexpensive yet awesome alternative:


 without mat  
with mat
16 X 20 
$60 $70
18 X 24  
$65 $75
20 X 24 
$85 $95
24 X 36   
$120 $140
32 X 40   
$130 $150