Four Knots Celtic Knot Shawl Pin

Four Knots Celtic Knot Shawl Pin

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Celtic patterns are most often known for their knot-work. This design is no exception with knots placed at 4 sides of the octagon creating a square. Measuring 2.25" across the face, there is lots of room for placing the pin making this a good choice for fine fabric scarves as well.

The shawl pin is made from fine lead-free pewter, raised or domed in the centre to make pinning your shawl, wrap, sweater or scarf easier.

Shawl pins are one of the best accessories for securing a wrap or buttonless sweater, and can be worn with felted, and woven items as well. With care and by placing the pin behind the fabric (not through it), the pins can be used with silk or other fine fabric scarves.

Each shawl pin is handmade, and individually crafted in our studio in Harvey Station, New Brunswick, Canada.

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